Review: Mixing Light Davinci Resolve Course

One of the biggest steps I took as a beginner in my color journey was taking a course from Mixing Light ( on how to use Davinci Resolve.

Prior to that, I had spent most of the beginning years of my career as a cinematographer struggling through understanding and using various tools on the market for color grading. I understood that color correction and grading was one of the things I needed to at least understand as a cinematographer.

I had watched countless tutorials on YouTube and Vimeo but that led me nowhere. It was the proverbial ‘give a man a fish and he’ll eat for a day, but teach a man to fish and he’ll eat for a lifetime’. I would glean small tips here and there from tutorials but it would never stick as I didn’t understand the tools, or more importantly, the principles behind the color grading process.

When work started to slow down one summer due to companies go on summer break, I decided to dedicate a few weeks to finally learning how to use the tools. I figured that learning the tools would at least give me some confidence since I had no idea of what I was really doing anyway. Any color grading system, even simple ones, always felt like I was just adjusting buttons/sliders at random. There was no systematic way of doing things.

Enter: Mixing Light’s Davinci Resolve Color Course.

I had done a bit of research on various color courses online. What I needed was something flexible for my schedule that also offered a very in depth training that I could rewatch over and over if necessary. I knew that taking an in person class would be great, but it wouldn’t give me the repeatability of watching any one particular section over again. Tutorials are nice, but in my opinion and knowing what I know now, they are really for people who already have a base understanding of the principles and theories of color grading. Sure, you can watch Juan Melara’s Summer Blockbuster grading tutorial (one of the best ever btw) – but from a fundamental perspective, I would guess that most wouldn’t be able to recreate from the top of their head after just watching it a few times if they don’t already understand the tools.

MixingLight’s course is INCREDIBLE. I spent the next few months slowly watching and incorporating the principles I learned and saw a dramatic step up in my own understanding. I could now color correct images using the tools that not only Davinci provides, but also other tools like Lumetri color. Once you learn one system/workflow/set of tools, applying the same principles on another isn’t rocket science. This gave me a new confidence to work on small projects and be able to deliver decent results that were better than what was just captured out of camera.

There are hours upon hours of lessons. The reason why I spent a few months watching the course is because I’m a hands on type of learner. Sit me in front of lesson, and that’s great. But I’ll likely forget it unless I’ve applied it. So I would take each module slowly, and incorporate some of the learnings on projects as the months went by.

Fast forward 3 years later, and I still occasionally reference back to it. I highly recommend this for anyone who is looking to step up their game in color correction and grading and is tired of watching tutorial after tutorial but are lost when left to their own devices without guidance. I truly believe this course set me free in terms of being able to apply color corrections and grades and knowing exactly what it is I’m doing vs guessing about which sliders/buttons to push.

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