Teal Orange Look

The Teal Orange Look: A staple in Hollywood films, and for the past few years, in indie productions. Since Resolve is widely available, it’s been easy to recreate this look. This is the first look I was introduced to creating manually when I was searching for how to grade without using LUTs. 

There are many tutorials online to achieve this look. My first tutorial came from Juan Melara, and lately, I found one from Avery Peck that has been great as well. Both slightly different takes on a similar theme. While this may go in and out of style, you can’t argue that the complementary colors just pop and make a lot of images look great.

Camera: RED Epic Dragon


The initial grade begins with a color space transform to Rec.709.

The next step is a luminance adjustment.

Following, a color balance to get back to neutral.

From here, skin tones are isolated via a qualifier, and adjusted to match the skin tone indicator on the vectorscope, along with adding some dark reds into the shadows for what Avery Peck describes as ‘blood flow in the skin’. I think that’s a crucial step for more realistic skin tones.

From there another luminance adjustment is applied.

The teal layer is now added.

To retrieve the skin tones, the skin qualifier from a previous step is passed through to a layer on top of the teal look. Final contrast adjustment yields our look:

Node tree summary: 

And in motion:

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